Why I hate before and after pics.

Over the last 9 months I have been losing weight. Actively not accidentally. Not by starving myself or dieting. But by simply looking after myself more. It’s not been easy for many reasons. I’ve done it for personal reasons related to hereditary health conditions. It’s really no-ones business why and unless you are a close friend it’s really not up for discussion.

It’s been slow but the improvements to my health are already showing. People have started to notice the changes to my body too.

However you won’t see me posting before and after pictures here or posting pics on Facebook showing how much I have lost.

There are many reasons for this. Personally I think before and after pictures are a world-class rort. The before usually unflattering and poorly lit/clothed. After with nice clothes makeup etc…

Another is that a lot of people are perfectly healthy at a bigger size. Body size and health are not in my belief always related. I am a big supporter of the Health at Any Size Community.

And finally these before and after pictures are trying to say that look at the hideous creature before and look how amazing she looks now… But you know what, I think my body looks pretty fucking awesome no matter what size I am! It is strong, capable, curvaceous, has the ability to cycle 40km,  move furniture and give my 8-year-old Niece piggy backs! 🙂 So I won’t post any pictures comparing myself negatively to myselfImage

Pic by http://www.duskdevi.com  This happens to be me near my biggest and it also happens to be one of my favourite ever images.

For the people who comment how much they love my body- well don’t worry I am never going to be skinny. 😛 I have a large frame, very wide hip bones and a high muscle mass. After many years I’ve come to accept it, and I like it that way!




It had to happen. I needed to write a blog about them.

Breasts, especially mine seem to dominate the conversation when I am around. The reasons well they are obvious.

I got to thinking about them a lot last week. I was asked to go on Can of Worms. The topic-“If a woman gets a boob-job, is it an invitation to look at them.”

It was a rather humorous day! I took along the rather fabulous Rita Fontaine and we dressed to impress. When we arrived we were seated up the back, but soon someone came up to us and told us we were being moved right to the very front. We obviously looked too fabulous!

So there we were up the front myself wearing a red top that frames my (natural) abundant chest and a Black and Cherry wiggle skirt and Rita in a daringly low-cut and high thigh slit dress. Dicko and Jamie could not stop looking and giving us little grins.

What did I say? Well I said a lot. I have spent more than half my life thinking about the subject. They cut most of what I said – but you can watch the result here: http://ten.com.au/video-player.htm?movideo_p=45071&movideo_m=128111

And the advert that was played several times Monday night: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150275783311366

So to tell you more I have to start with my turbulent history with my Breasts.

It all started when I was 11 and in yr 6 at school. Overnight it seems they grew, going from nothing to a C cup overnight. When I went to go shopping with my Mum for my first bra (which I had avoided as I didn’t want to admit that I needed one) I tried on one owned by my older (by 3 years) sister and to her disgust I spilled out of it. My sister has a lot to do with how I felt about my breasts in those early days. As a small chested teenager, looking back I can see she was jealous and would comment on mine frequently. She was just a teenager herself and knew no better really.

So by the age of 13 in year 8 at an all girls high school I was an E cup. I didn’t dress up much, wore no makeup (indeed wasn’t even shaving my legs yet) but I still managed to get a lot of attention. Sometimes from other girls but often the attention got disturbing especially from men who were old enough to be my father and even grandfathers. With my 13-year-old mind, I was ill-equipped to deal with the attention. So I hid under baggy high-necked t-shirts and boyish clothes, ashamed almost and wanting to repel some of the attention. I was scared of older men and avoided looking them in the eye. On the rare occasion I showed a bit of cleavage I felt self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Time went on and I slowly learnt that dressing like this only made me look fatter, and did nothing to repel attention from the sleazes. It wasn’t until I got into burlesque though that I started to accept them, then appreciate and celebrate them.

Yes they are sexy and men (and a lot of women) go gaga over them.

But they are also comforting. I have many a time held a friend to my bosom while they cried. My Niece in particular is a fan, she once said whilst cuddling up to me ” You’re so comfy Aunty”.

So you may ask why I put them on display so much.

Well why not! They are fabulous! It looks better when I wear low-cut tops. I have to admit I do like most of the attention they get.

Also in a funny way I feel like I have re-empowered myself by displaying them. It is a bit of a f*ck you to those old creeps who hit on me and the girls who teased 13 yr old me.

So many people don’t really know what breasts look like. Except in porn or movies (or if you are a burlesque performer where backstage can be a boobfest) most people see few boobs and may negatively compare themselves to what they see in these idealized formats. Here are some web sites that I really like who look a breasts in different ways.

The first is a photographic site that tells stories about breasts in a photographic medium. Show Us Ya Tits

The second is a frank almost medical site. This site was a great help to me. It has all types on it including those that are somewhat “unusual”. Normal Breasts Gallery

finally for those who want to support a worthy event I will be making a short appearance at this F*ck Cancer- A Fundraiser.
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