August Gigs

The fun never stops with this Lush lady!
First up this month is one of my favourite gigs: 34B World Burlesque Olympics

Next up is a my first appearance at Mr Falcons Presents. This bar has cocktails to die for. I had a lovely warm cider with a shot of Zubrowka vodka. Yum. Someone buy me one on sunday!



Last but certainly not least is a very special event. A fundraiser for a special little girl.  Allies Angels :

One-year-old Allie Matthews is still far too young to appreciate the glamour of burlesque dance and vintage-style fashion. However Allie and her family are the inspiration for a special, glittering event that will be held in Canberra by Miss Kitka’s House of Burlesque and The Darling Sisters on 18 August at the Canberra Irish Club.

Baby Allie was born with biliary atresia: a rare disease that destroys the bile ducts in the liver. Since her birth, Allie’s parents have found themselves constantly travelling between their home in Canberra and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, usually at the drop of a hat, for Allie’s tests and treatment. She has been waiting for liver transplant since December last year.‘Caring for little Allie has meant that her parents have put their lives on hold,’ says Canberra’s burlesque dance teacher, Miss Kitka. ‘It has been a serious day-to-day struggle, emotionally and financially.’Allie’s Angels is a collaborative fundraising initiative by Canberra burlesque school Miss Kitka’s House of Burlesque, and The Darling Sisters, owners of the Gold Creek fashion boutique Darling Central.

I will be MCing and if you donate lots of money perhaps even do a performance! 🙂

USA & Burlesque Hall of Fame trip

Oh my. I’ve been meaning to tell you about my USA trip but I have only just recovered. In brief it was all, Boobs, Bums & Booze.

I’ll try. But this is the edited version what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… 🙂


My trip started in LA and after a long flight preceded by little sleep due to a gig the previous night, I hit LA exhausted. A cat nap and I was ready to go out and hit my first burlesque show!

It was a pleasure to finally meet Mercury Troy and Mae Lust who I knew from facebookland. Mae was performing at Victory Variety Hour and I was placed in the hot seat and given a lap dance by the cute as a button Squirrel. Such a delight. Jessame Thunder was on fire with a 70s inspired number which made my heart rate go up. But my heart was stolen by the one and only Hedo Luxe. Such a character and costume. I won’t describe his act as it would ruin the surprise but he comes onstage to a wow, and it just gets better and better…

The next day Mercury and Mae took me shopping to the LA Fashion District. A combination of jet lag and excitement had me completely overwhelmed! It was amazing. So much fabric and trimming and so cheap! Despite it being a holiday weekend much was open, but I vowed to return!

On Monday I decided to play tourist for a day and did a tour of LA. To me it is a place of wealth and despair… One area abundant in riches and a few miles away dozens of homeless people.

That evening I joined up with the Diamond Dahlia, Strawberry Siren  and then Alyssa Kitt flew in and we went to Monday Night Tease. It was wonderful to see Alyssa and hear all about her tour and to see many of the performers I had enjoyed seeing at VVH. One addition was Russell Bruner  . He and did a marvelous routine to 2 ladies with his lovely ladies and then he did a solo- the very number that won him King of Boylesque later that week. Such a lovely charming man as well, he had many a heart a fluttering that week

The next day the 4 of us set out shopping firstly in Hollywood then returning to the Fashion District. Many a pretty thing was bought!

Then I took the intrepid step of hiring a mini-van to drive us and our luggage to Santa Ana. The hire company would not hire us a GPS though!!! &^*&%^%)!!!! so we had to rely on maps as our phones GPS would not work. I did it ! even with LA’s notorious traffic jams (6-8 lane highways getting traffic jams!! that is 6-8 lanes each way too!!!) and getting a little lost. Totally crazy.

On Wed Alyssa, DD and I made a pilgrimage to Wal-Mart! 😀 Oh the fun. So many cheap things in such a huge building. I stocked up on makeup, allergy medication and other tidbits. The difference in prices made me really question how the retailers in Australia justify the prices. A Loreal lipstick that costs $18 in Aus for $5? moisturizer that costs me $34 in Aus here cost $18. It really makes no sense, even with our smaller market and expensive rents. I think retailers will really have to take on the wholesalers if they want to survive.

That night we got all dressed up in our new Betty Page dresses to celebrate Alyssa’s birthday and to see Dita Von Tease’s Strip Strip Hooray! I was curious to see Dita live as I had never enjoyed videos of her performances. AND best of all I got to see the absolutely fabulous Dirty Martini!!!

I went in with lowish expectations of Dita and have to admit to being pleasantly surprised. I was not a fan of her last act but her cowboy act was a lot of fun. The costumes and production values were of a level I’ve never seen before. It was also one of the most diverse shows I have ever seen. So much so that it must have been planned that way. It is really a credit to Dita that she puts on a show of that caliber. I can’t say I am a fan, preferring her photos, but it was a worthwhile trip.

After the show Dirty came up to us and after hellos and hugs gave us wrist bands for the after party. It was wonderful to meet most of the performers from the show, talk to Dirty (mostly about clothes!) and even Dita. Yes I must admit to getting a little celebrity struck. When she walked into the room all eyes were on her.

Bleary eyed we woke up ready to head to Las Vegas! Our chauffeur arrived and miraculously packed all our suitcases into the van and we were off! Doc from Dr Sketchy’s Byron was surrounded with some of the Eastern seaboards loveliest performers: The Strawberry Siren, Bella de Jac, Alyssa Kitt, the Diamond Dahlia and I. Lucky man. He teased us with pictures of baby animals and Alyssa dared him into mean game of Rock Paper Scissors. I mostly enjoyed the view, the Desert landscape can be beautiful in its desolation.

A highlight of the trip was a stop at Peggy Sue’s Diner- saur Park.

We arrived in Vegas and scattered off to our rooms to get ready for the first night of BHOF.

All glammed up we headed to the first show of the weekend- Movers Shakers and Innovators. Our own Briana Bluebell was performing which made the night extra exciting. I finally also got to meet the lovely Vava Vunderbust and April O’Peel, two performers I had seen only on You Tube but admired. I sat amongst them with their Canadian contingent and almost went deaf from their enthusiastic whoops and hollers, especially when a Canadian was onstage 🙂

The rest of the weekend was an absolute blur. There was shopping, eating and drinking as usual, and so much burlesque!

Friday nights show was The 55th Annual Burlesque Reunion Showcase. It was amazing to see so many legends get up on stage and the next day I got to meet some of them in person, including the riotous Camille 2000. I hope I am so fabulous at that age!

Saturday night was the big night where our own Imogen Kelly was competing for Miss Exotic World, 2012 Queen of Burlesque. It was a fabulous night full of amazing performances.  So many great performances. When it was finally time for the Queen to be announced we all held our breath and then I almost fell over when Imogen’s name was called out! It was so exciting to be there all us Aussies were so proud of Imogen. I gave Imogen the little koala I had put swarovski crystals all over and we celebrated to the early hours.

My final day in Vegas was taken up mostly by the pool party. You have never seen a more colourful, glamourous pool party! SO much fun and not to be missed. The last show Icons and All Stars had a dream lineup, including our own Mark Winmill (Captain Kidd) farewell performance as King of Burlesque. It was a wonderfully enjoyful weekend.

San Francisco

If you’re going to San Francisco they say to wear some flowers?? Well we were bright enough when we arrived at the Vegas airport, but 3 hours of delays and a flight and we arrived bedraggled and tired. We checked into the lovely San Remo guesthouse, and napped. I spent a lot of this holiday grabbing a nap where I could!…

We all got ready in the confines of our cute but tiny rooms to head to Hubba Hubba to perform. It was my first international performance! 🙂 Jim who runs it had been super friendly from the moment I wrote to him asking to perform and it was exciting to be there. It was a lot of fun, but I discovered that the bar staff free pour spirits!!! So I was a little less steady than usual but made up with it by being even more outrageous 😉

When the bar closed we all headed off to another bar. Who proceeded to give us free drinks… All night! Heading home as the sun rose I was glad I had already been to San Fran before! We all slept off monstrous hangovers and a few of us headed out to the touristy (but I like it) Fisherman’s Wharf area for needed foods. In and Out burger was a godsend! I met up with an old friend for dinner and drinks that night and headed back for more sleep.

On Wed Bella and I made our way to Guiardellis for some chocolate then headed to Haigh St for some shopping! San Francisco is so beautiful that a tram ride was a delight.

That night we all got ready to perform at Red Hots at the El Rio bar. I had met Dottie on Facebook and had got to know her in Vegas. She had also been super welcoming and the night was a blast. Fabulous crowd and a lot of free drinks came my way… Do you see a theme forming here? Hmmm Yes that night I went to the airport drunk, not having eaten. And could find NO food places open!!! I ended up begging one of the shops that was closing to buy some food and then something strange happened- I found a bag of Cherries. Beautiful sweet California cherries someone must have left behind. It seemed providential! 🙂

So with a belly full of Cherries and booze I headed to NYC on the Red eye…

I arrived in New York and headed straight for my accommodation to sleep off the over night flight.

It was soon time to get ready for The Peel New York City! I went for a walk along the boardwalk before the show and took in some of Coney Island. It is a mad little world!

The show was too much fun. Lauren La Rouge and Holly Ja’ Doll  held the Peel away from home, and having performed at the very first Peel it was an honour to be there. Joined by fellow Sydney Sider Ember Flame, it had the fun of the Peel with the quirk of Coney Island.

The New York ladies were lovely and RayVelenz was a hoot.

We all went onstage at the end in our Peel T-shirts and poured wine over ourselves in a giant bath! 🙂

That night I went with some of the audience members to one of Brooklyn bars. It is a fab place really, lots of great places to go.

The next day after a little sight-seeing and shopping I met up with Holly Lauren and Ember. We found a bar that served 5 shots for $10. Then a tiki bar, with a vintage photo booth. Once again the bar tenders free poured and taking a liking to us all we had way too many drinks.

As you can imagine the 20 hour flight home the next day was not much fun.

But now my liver had recovered I can’t wait to go again! But can someone please shout me a first class ticket next time 😉


Going to America!

Well as some of you may know I am heading the the USA for a couple of weeks! This Sat! I can’t believe it. Who wants to drive me to the airport 😉

First stop I will be a few days in LA and will finish be seeing Strip Strip Hooray. It will be great to make up my own mind about the hype that is Dita.

Mostly I am looking forward to seeing my favourite performer Dirty Martini perform again! Eeeeee!

Then I am really excited to go to the Burlesque Hall of Fame, especially to see the legends perform! I have a feeling I will not be getting much sleep and will undoubtably punish my liver. Over 25 Aussies are going to BHOF AND TWO will be performing, both Sydneysiders! Our own Queen of Burlesque Imogen Kelly competing in the MISS EXOTIC WORLD 2012, REIGNING QUEEN OF BURLESQUE  and Briana Bluebell in the Movers, Shakers and Innovators.  Las Vegas doesn’t know what is about to hit them!

After LA myself, Alyssa Kitt, The Diamond Dahlia and Bella De Jac will be heading to San Francisco. One of my favourite cities! I am looking forward to heading back to the Ghiradelli Square for some free chocolate samples- and stock up on one of my fav chocolates (and the only American Chocolate I like), eat some seafood chowder on the wharf, shopping and much much more.

AND i will be making my international debut at none other than San Francisco’s famous Hubba Hubba Revue! Monday the 4th June at Uptown Nightclub in Oakland. I hear it is a mini Aussie Invasion also featuring Alyssa Kitt, Bella de Jac and The Diamond Dahlia. I am not sure what San Fran has done to deserve such gorgeous ladies but they are in for a treat! Jim Sweeney you better prepare your crowd well 😉

Then a couple of days later I at Red Hots Burlesque run by the lovely supportive gorgeous Dottie Lux. I received such a warm response when I first enquired about performing for her that I am excited just to meet her!

THEN I will be performing in none other than the Peel in NYC!!! Yes one of the shows I started at (I performed at the very first Peel) is on at Coney Island- Burlesque at the Beach. It is on the 7th June. My excitement levels are at near explosion point even typing all of this!

SO if you are anywhere near San Francisco or Coney Island you will have to get to one or all of these shows. Trust me. Book your flights etc NOW! 🙂 If you mention my blog I promise to give you a big hug 😀

Whew. So I promise to try to keep you up to date as the trip progresses. Well you can at least catch my drunken ramblings that are sure to be made on my FB fan page here: Better like me if you want to hear it all!

My last few days in Sydney are jam packed as well. Wed night I will be the door bitch with the mostest at The Peel – I love NY. So many lovely newcomers to the scene will be performing- and this is on of the places I started so you might just see the next Cherry Lush.  Well who am I kidding there will never be another Cherry Lush… 😉 Oh by the way I hear The Peel has a new website that features lil ol me! Check it out.

Then on Friday night I will be performing at the one and only Pretty Peepers Cabaret. As they say this is a untraditional cabaret so you never know what you are going to get. All I can promise is that I may make you wet. No not that way!!! Well maybe… 🙂

Yes a lot of !!! are in this post- but if you can’t tell I’m a bit excited 😀

See you my lovelies! XOX

Upcoming Gigs April & May

I have been trying to write a post telling you all about the great time I had in Adelaide but it is still not finished yet! 😦

So just to keep you updated here are my upcoming gigs for April and May. Then at the end of May I head to the USA to the Burlesque Hall of Fame! Just as an audience member this time 🙂 I can’t wait, it is going to be a blast. Don’t worry I will tell you all about it. Well maybe not all- because as you know: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” 

Back to the shows: I have had a little rest and am ready to hit it! It is a very mixed bag and it starts tomorrow night Friday 13th April at one of my favourite shows 34B. Leave all your impressions of Friday the 13th behind as this show is going to be a bevy of, ah behinds! 😉

34B Sin City

Then on Sunday 15th April is another show that is rather special to me Ruby Revue. It was a few years ago now that I was dobbed in to sing at the end of one of the shows as they do every month. It was the first time I had been on a stage since high school. Once the spot light hit me and the crowd started cheering, I knew that being in that spotlight was where I wanted to be (I won that night of course). It is the last show at the Arthouse so come on down watch me and buy me a drink! 🙂

Later this month I will be performing a brand new very dirty number at Moist at the Imperial Hotel. It is on Friday 25th April. If you want a clue about what the show is about watch this video 🙂

On Monday the 21st May I will be modelling and performing at Dr Sketchy’s- Newtown. Now Dr Sketchy’s when I model is no serious event. Expect me to be naughty and talk back- I am never a silent model 🙂

Finally I will perform at another of my favourite shows! Pretty Peepers Cabaret at the Imperial Hotel on Friday May 25th. Another naughty show! Oh I think I sense a theme here? Am I a bit naughty??? 😉

Hope to see you at one or more of these!!!


Miss Burlesque Follow-up

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I have had an exciting couple of weeks. Well months really as the preparation for Miss
Burlesque started late last year! So I thought I would write a follow-up on my Miss Burlesque experience.

On the 9th March it was finally time for the Miss Burlesque NSW heats. What an exciting evening. After the lovely Deb Delicious put my hair in rollers and calmed my nerves it was time to head down the road to the Factory Theatre. Backstage was a riot of dresses feathers and crystals but everyone was friendly and excited. Admiration was made of each others costumes and borrowing of pins and steamers ensued. Not long before going on I heard from my sister that she was coming to see me perform. It was the first time she has been able to see me! It made me even more excited.

The wait to go on felt like forever but soon it was time! As I stood there in my huge skirt and feather head dress I kept looking down and poking someone with my feathers usually Bunni who was in the line ahead of me (sorry Bunni) – whoops! 

The next few hours from frantic change from evening gown to classic costume to the final 5 being announced was a blur. I was relieved after I was ready in time for my classic number (the change time for the first few performers is very short!)  and after I performed and I felt happy with my  performance. Although just before I went on my mouth went completely dry (an ongoing problem that night despite drinking bucket loads of water) and my lips were stuck to my teeth. I don’t think anyone noticed but when I look at the video of my performance I do have a giggle over it.  I spent a lot of time and energy on that performance and I think it showed. 

Neo was next and this should have been the one I felt the most comfortable with. I have performed the number a lot and I know it is always a crowd favourite. Unfortunately I think this led to me not rehearsing as much as I should have and I was not entirely happy with my performance. I learnt  that no matter how many times I perform a show a good rehearsal and amount of preparation should always be done!

Soon I stood backstage and held onto my backstage helpers hand  the darling Bella Louche) for dear life and to my joy I was announced as being in the top 5. It was such a happy relief. One of my goals in entering the competition was to make the top 5 and I did it.

I was excited to perform my unique Cabaret Burlesque number. It is a huge part of what I want to do in the future. Unfortunately once again my mouth went dry and my pitch was a bit off. However I know the crowd enjoyed my performance and despite the fact that at least one of the judges thought that it wasn’t burlesque (which I completely expected) I am glad I performed it. It was unique! 🙂

The winners did not surprise me at all. Briana Bluebell is a consummate performer and put her all into the competition. Hopefully the talented lady will be making me a hat when she gets less busy (which from what I understand won’t be any time soon!). I can’t wait to see her performance at the final. I also hear she has made it through to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Movers and Shakers show! 😀 Bunni Lambada is one of those people who is amazing at everything she does. I have known her since we both competed in another competition and she is always lovely! I was lucky enough to see her first burlesque performance and her quirky smile lights up the room 🙂

I have a lot of people to thank for helping me but special praise goes out to Rita Fontaine, Danica Lee, Deb Delicious &  Bella Louche. XOXNext post will be about my week at Adelaide Fringe Festival! 🙂

Miss Burlesque NSW Heats!

So by this time tomorrow night we will know who is Miss Burlesque NSW! SO exciting 🙂

I thought you would all like to know why I entered? 

At last years Miss Burlesque NSW heats and the finals I had so many people (both those that I knew and those who had seen me perform) ask why I hadn’t entered!
To be honest I had never even thought about it. But those questioning me set a seed into my head that wouldn’t leave. 
I decided to enter to push myself to work my hardest at my performing career. To try performance styles I hadn’t tried before (Classic Burlesque) and to showcase my personal Burlesque Cabaret style. I am a cabaret singer as well as a burlesque performer and wanted to show the country what I can do. 🙂
In addition I felt the competition offered me the chance to perform infront of audiences who haven’t seen me before and to perform on a large stage. I know I can offer something unique that the competition hasn’t seen before!
I hope I can see all my fans and friends at it!

Stop Press- Boom Boom Broads News!

Johnny Castrati has just posted a very important announcement about the Boom Boom Broads & Burlesque Bad Boys double bill!

That is right- for our special friends only 😉 we are reserving tables/seats for the show/s.
To take advantage of this reply to Johnny’s post above or comment here. You can also email me at 🙂 

You can come to one show or both (even on separate nights and still take advantage of the 2 shows for $30 offer). My oh my the show is filled with such bountiful ladies and hunky hunky men. You are so lucky (poor people who don’t live in Sydney). 

More shameless self promotion to come over the next few weeks!  😉