Miss Burlesque Follow-up

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I have had an exciting couple of weeks. Well months really as the preparation for Miss
Burlesque started late last year! So I thought I would write a follow-up on my Miss Burlesque experience.

On the 9th March it was finally time for the Miss Burlesque NSW heats. What an exciting evening. After the lovely Deb Delicious put my hair in rollers and calmed my nerves it was time to head down the road to the Factory Theatre. Backstage was a riot of dresses feathers and crystals but everyone was friendly and excited. Admiration was made of each others costumes and borrowing of pins and steamers ensued. Not long before going on I heard from my sister that she was coming to see me perform. It was the first time she has been able to see me! It made me even more excited.

The wait to go on felt like forever but soon it was time! As I stood there in my huge skirt and feather head dress I kept looking down and poking someone with my feathers usually Bunni who was in the line ahead of me (sorry Bunni) – whoops! 

The next few hours from frantic change from evening gown to classic costume to the final 5 being announced was a blur. I was relieved after I was ready in time for my classic number (the change time for the first few performers is very short!)  and after I performed and I felt happy with my  performance. Although just before I went on my mouth went completely dry (an ongoing problem that night despite drinking bucket loads of water) and my lips were stuck to my teeth. I don’t think anyone noticed but when I look at the video of my performance I do have a giggle over it.  I spent a lot of time and energy on that performance and I think it showed. 

Neo was next and this should have been the one I felt the most comfortable with. I have performed the number a lot and I know it is always a crowd favourite. Unfortunately I think this led to me not rehearsing as much as I should have and I was not entirely happy with my performance. I learnt  that no matter how many times I perform a show a good rehearsal and amount of preparation should always be done!

Soon I stood backstage and held onto my backstage helpers hand  the darling Bella Louche) for dear life and to my joy I was announced as being in the top 5. It was such a happy relief. One of my goals in entering the competition was to make the top 5 and I did it.

I was excited to perform my unique Cabaret Burlesque number. It is a huge part of what I want to do in the future. Unfortunately once again my mouth went dry and my pitch was a bit off. However I know the crowd enjoyed my performance and despite the fact that at least one of the judges thought that it wasn’t burlesque (which I completely expected) I am glad I performed it. It was unique! 🙂

The winners did not surprise me at all. Briana Bluebell is a consummate performer and put her all into the competition. Hopefully the talented lady will be making me a hat when she gets less busy (which from what I understand won’t be any time soon!). I can’t wait to see her performance at the final. I also hear she has made it through to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Movers and Shakers show! 😀 Bunni Lambada is one of those people who is amazing at everything she does. I have known her since we both competed in another competition and she is always lovely! I was lucky enough to see her first burlesque performance and her quirky smile lights up the room 🙂

I have a lot of people to thank for helping me but special praise goes out to Rita Fontaine, Danica Lee, Deb Delicious &  Bella Louche. XOXNext post will be about my week at Adelaide Fringe Festival! 🙂

Miss Burlesque NSW Heats!

So by this time tomorrow night we will know who is Miss Burlesque NSW! SO exciting 🙂

I thought you would all like to know why I entered? 

At last years Miss Burlesque NSW heats and the finals I had so many people (both those that I knew and those who had seen me perform) ask why I hadn’t entered!
To be honest I had never even thought about it. But those questioning me set a seed into my head that wouldn’t leave. 
I decided to enter to push myself to work my hardest at my performing career. To try performance styles I hadn’t tried before (Classic Burlesque) and to showcase my personal Burlesque Cabaret style. I am a cabaret singer as well as a burlesque performer and wanted to show the country what I can do. 🙂
In addition I felt the competition offered me the chance to perform infront of audiences who haven’t seen me before and to perform on a large stage. I know I can offer something unique that the competition hasn’t seen before!
I hope I can see all my fans and friends at it!

Upcoming Shows Feb & March

I have had a lot of people ask me what my upcoming shows are. They are all listed in the right hand bar of my blog, but unfortunately this is hard to see (if anyone is a wordpress wiz and wants to help me fix it send me a message 😉 )
So here are all my upcoming shows:

Feb 15 &18- The Supper Club (The Oxford Hotel)

This double feature evening invites audiences to celebrate diversity in sexual expression

Reveals the beauty of flesh in it’s less often celebrated forms. By bringing together the best of the burlesque and the queer community. Two back to back shows, one for those wholove curvaceous ladies and the other for those who enjoy a little mesmerizing manflesh. An all inclusive brother-sister-other double-event, buy a ticket to one show or join us for both in row or over the two dates.

Trust me- it will make you wet!



Feb 17th: Camelot Lounge

A raucous night of bellydance, babes and tattooed ladies with Very Special Guest Jill Parker (San Francisco, USA). I will performing a cabaret number at this event teeming with wonderful bellydancers, musicians and more!


Mar 2nd: Corinbank Festival

I am so pleased to announce the first ever Lush Burlesque show. Yes I am putting on my own show with a bevy of gorgeous ladies ready to make you gasp, shout and laugh. I went to Corinbank in 2010 and had such a good time I was determined to put a show on here. Corinbank is best described as an smaller more intimate Peats Ridge. It is set in incredible bushland and the music lineup is wonderful. If you are from Canberra or want a weekend in the Brindabella Nountains I can highly recommend it!


Mar 9th: Factory Theatre

I have been working my big arse off to take the opportunity of competing in Miss Burlesque (to those who love my big arse don’t worry this is just a figure of speech- my arse is still large) ;). You will see me strut my stuff as only Cherry can 🙂


and last but certainly not least, I will be performing some saucy burlesque cabaret at

Mar 12-15th: Fowlers Live

ANYTHING GOES- Adelaide Fringe Festival

The femme fatale of theatrical burlesque, Venus Vamp, presents a risque revue of burlesque, boylesque, cabaret and drag steeped in the smoky trails of Weimar Berlin, which has already seduced audiences of Mardi Gras, Sydney Fringe and Melbourne Fringe 2011. So Adelaide, join the dapper women, dashing men, crazed crooners (and everything in between) at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Terrace, Adelaide for four sinsentional dates.

whew… I am tired just writing that. I think I might need a nap!




Once again I haven’t been blogging enough. I was taking a little break 🙂

Aug, Sept and Oct passed in a blur and I was physically and emotionally exhausted. A full-time day job, the myriad jobs that a performer does everyday and trying to see my family and friends took its toll. I decided to take a little break!

I booked into Blush Bali Bliss– a pole dancing and yoga retreat in Bali. I had done Yoga twice and never tried Pole dancing…

It wasn’t planning on doing the pole dancing actually… I needed to relax!

I got to relax. I ate great food. I woke each morning to a view of the sea and fresh sea air. I started the day with Yoga and fresh fruit juice. It was heavenly.

I even decided to give the pole dancing a go. It was one of those things that was on my “never do” list. But I don’t like to say never and I decided to just give it a go.
It is hard work! Great fun but hard. I cursed my arms for not being strong enough. I cursed my inability.
The point is though- I kept trying. Each day I went to the lesson. Each day I listened and tried. By day 3 I was able to briefly hold on for a millisecond. By day 5 I could hold on for a few seconds. No, I was not elegant but I felt like I had achieved something and was so proud of myself.

My point is, you  never know if you can do something until you try…

So many of the things I have done in the last 3 years used to be on that never/can’t list.

Last year during the last Miss Burlesque heats and final I had so many people come up to me and ask me why I hadn’t entered. I replied- “Oh I wouldn’t ever…”, Or would I???

Hmm, yes that never word. It goes in the same basket as can’t. Dirty dirty words!

So as some of you may have seen, yes I have entered!
If you like this go to my entry on the Miss Burlesque page and make a comment: http://missburlesquecompetition.com/blog/2011/12/cherry-lush/#

So other than defeating that “never” word why else am I entering?

Well it is to push myself to my limits. To try things I haven’t done before. To work on new routines and hopefully have fun.

I am already in the midst of preparations. I hope you can join me on the night!


Time flies when you’re having fun!

So it was two years ago yesterday that I got onstage for the first time and performed burlesque in front of my parents and friends. I write more about that in an earlier post.
What a time for reminiscing!
Recently I watched a video of that first performance. Oh did I cringe! There were many things that I did not do well, some of which I still need to work on.
But it made me think.
I saw the absolute joy that I felt. I could see what I am naturally good at: audience interaction, conveying emotion and meaning, having fun, presenting my body the way that suits it. It felt like yesterday. I can’t believe it has been two years. But as the old saying goes, time flies when you are having fun.
After those first couple of performances I was hooked. I wanted to do it again but it took many months for opportunities to arise.
Still to me it was just a bit of fun. I will perform every few months I thought. It is a fun hobby…
I can’t say when that changed, when it became part of who I am. When I started to say that I am a Burlesque Performer… It was probably this time last year when I returned from my first solo trip overseas and I spent days thinking about what I wanted to do. See I knew by then that being a performer is not all sequins and glitter. There is work, disappointment, it is expensive, time-consuming, I see my non-burlesque friends less and less.
But I know that I made the right decision to pursue being a performer. Life is so much fun. I meet interesting people who do what is their passion. 

Just a few of those burlesque peeps- so many more not in these pics.

Tonight I recalled a blog I used to write many years ago. I read a bit of it tonight. I frequently commented in it that I was unhappy. I wrote a post in 2005 saying all the things I wanted to do. I wanted a cat, I wanted to travel, get singing and dancing lessons.  All of which I now have/do!

And life is good!

So what is next? Well there are a lot of things coming up in the next 6 months. Many exciting things. Things that will push me as a performer,  as a person and will be hard. However I am lucky enough to have so many friends and family around me who support and help me.

Just Drawn that Way

I am really sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. September was crazy busy and I have only just recovered from it.

A week off and some r&r visiting Floriade in Canberra has done me the world of good. I am all ready to get back on stage!

So with that in mind first show this month will be at “The Peel- Rocktober Edition”. I will be singing one of my favourite Rock Chick songs. Sorry to disappoint anyone but the bra will be staying on this time 😉


Later this month I am touring Melbourne & will be performing at some of my favourite venues!

My 3rd show with the marvellous Gotham Fatale team is “Just Drawn This Way”. It is on as part of the Armageddon

Am very excited to reprise one of my favourite numbers: The Borg Queen

Cherry Lush is like a fleshy stone fruit with a styl­ish and seduct­ive fla­vour. The Cherry Lush tree can be found grow­ing in the secluded corners of nightclubs and bars around Sydney. Cherry is a burlesque and cabaret performer who has been flaunting her work at Pretty Peepers Cabaret, Anything Goes Cabaret and 34B, just to name a few and in June performed in Melbourne at the Australian Burlesque Festival. Just one taste of her blood red fruit will have you beg­ging for more. Beware: she will entice you with her ripely fem­in­ine form, and serpentine curves yet leave you forever want­ing just one more bite…

Cherry was recently assimilated by the Borg due to her superior physical form and on the night will be coming to Red Bennies to assimilate you. Don’t worry, as once you see her you really won’t mind…

Melbourne is in for a triple helping of Cherry Lushness as I am also performing 2 numbers at the Burlesque Bar on the 23rd Oct. Hope to see all my Melbourne friends and fans at one of these shows!



It had to happen. I needed to write a blog about them.

Breasts, especially mine seem to dominate the conversation when I am around. The reasons well they are obvious.

I got to thinking about them a lot last week. I was asked to go on Can of Worms. The topic-“If a woman gets a boob-job, is it an invitation to look at them.”

It was a rather humorous day! I took along the rather fabulous Rita Fontaine and we dressed to impress. When we arrived we were seated up the back, but soon someone came up to us and told us we were being moved right to the very front. We obviously looked too fabulous!

So there we were up the front myself wearing a red top that frames my (natural) abundant chest and a Black and Cherry wiggle skirt and Rita in a daringly low-cut and high thigh slit dress. Dicko and Jamie could not stop looking and giving us little grins.

What did I say? Well I said a lot. I have spent more than half my life thinking about the subject. They cut most of what I said – but you can watch the result here: http://ten.com.au/video-player.htm?movideo_p=45071&movideo_m=128111

And the advert that was played several times Monday night: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150275783311366

So to tell you more I have to start with my turbulent history with my Breasts.

It all started when I was 11 and in yr 6 at school. Overnight it seems they grew, going from nothing to a C cup overnight. When I went to go shopping with my Mum for my first bra (which I had avoided as I didn’t want to admit that I needed one) I tried on one owned by my older (by 3 years) sister and to her disgust I spilled out of it. My sister has a lot to do with how I felt about my breasts in those early days. As a small chested teenager, looking back I can see she was jealous and would comment on mine frequently. She was just a teenager herself and knew no better really.

So by the age of 13 in year 8 at an all girls high school I was an E cup. I didn’t dress up much, wore no makeup (indeed wasn’t even shaving my legs yet) but I still managed to get a lot of attention. Sometimes from other girls but often the attention got disturbing especially from men who were old enough to be my father and even grandfathers. With my 13-year-old mind, I was ill-equipped to deal with the attention. So I hid under baggy high-necked t-shirts and boyish clothes, ashamed almost and wanting to repel some of the attention. I was scared of older men and avoided looking them in the eye. On the rare occasion I showed a bit of cleavage I felt self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Time went on and I slowly learnt that dressing like this only made me look fatter, and did nothing to repel attention from the sleazes. It wasn’t until I got into burlesque though that I started to accept them, then appreciate and celebrate them.

Yes they are sexy and men (and a lot of women) go gaga over them.

But they are also comforting. I have many a time held a friend to my bosom while they cried. My Niece in particular is a fan, she once said whilst cuddling up to me ” You’re so comfy Aunty”.

So you may ask why I put them on display so much.

Well why not! They are fabulous! It looks better when I wear low-cut tops. I have to admit I do like most of the attention they get.

Also in a funny way I feel like I have re-empowered myself by displaying them. It is a bit of a f*ck you to those old creeps who hit on me and the girls who teased 13 yr old me.

So many people don’t really know what breasts look like. Except in porn or movies (or if you are a burlesque performer where backstage can be a boobfest) most people see few boobs and may negatively compare themselves to what they see in these idealized formats. Here are some web sites that I really like who look a breasts in different ways.

The first is a photographic site that tells stories about breasts in a photographic medium. Show Us Ya Tits

The second is a frank almost medical site. This site was a great help to me. It has all types on it including those that are somewhat “unusual”. Normal Breasts Gallery

finally for those who want to support a worthy event I will be making a short appearance at this F*ck Cancer- A Fundraiser.
X Cherry Lush