About Cherry

Cherry Lush is like a fleshy stone fruit with a styl­ish and seduct­ive fla­vour. The Cherry Lush tree can be found grow­ing in the secluded corners of nightclubs and bars around Sydney. Just one taste of her blood red fruit will have you beg­ging for more. Beware: she will entice you with her ripely fem­in­ine form, and serpentine curves yet leave you forever want­ing just one more bite…

What people are saying about Cherry!

“I don’t doubt for a minute that what Cherry Lush wants, Cherry gets – again she personalised the song of “What Lola Wants”, made it hers (unlike some mimed versions I’ve seen this Fringe…) Combined with a gorgeous burlesque disrobing & tease she provided all the necessary sass & fun in bosom loads.”- Absinthe.com.au 13/3/12 (Adelaide Fringe – Anything Goes)

“all the way to lusty proud sexuality Cherry Lush’s What Cherry Wants, this is cabaret at its most varied, brave and entertaining. It’s too hard to pick a final word, so here are 10: hysterically funny, sad, sexy, proudly perverse, open, wild, diverse and… Final Word: Jaunty”- Rip it up 13/3/12 (Adelaide Fringe Anything Goes)

“…stern and smouldering Cherry Lush”- Arts Hub 12/09/11 (Sydney Fringe Festival Anything Goes)

“Hot stuff”  Tess Roam (http://ihavethoughtsandstuff.tumblr.com/)


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