Taking a leap into the unknown

“Life is a travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken.”
D. H. Lawrence

There seems to be an epidemic around people wanting to be sure, before they make a decision.
Perhaps it’s due to the fact these days we not only have so much choice- but also so much information at hand. Indecision grips us when we have so much choice. It is like a restaurant with a vast menu…

We can research on the internet, we can peruse dozens of sites to see the alternatives, we can dream of what might be better .

But when it comes down to it, when you wait too long, sometimes that opportunity is gone…

Take a leap into the unknown. Be courageous. I know that when you contemplate taking that leap fear can take hold.  Fear however holds you back from your true potential. It paralyses one with indecision and worry about the risk.

My day job involves assessing safety and other types of risks. I weigh the liklihood against the consequences to do this. Then you look at the cost of not acting. It is quite simple. With this in mind in the last few years I’ve changed jobs, sold most of my possessions, spent large sums of money travelling and moved houses.

The costs of not acting on dreams in your life- regrets. See the Top 10 regrets of the dying.


I am determined to not have any more regrets.

The risk of the leap is possibly loss? Possibly. But I think you can never lose as long as you take a chance. Especially if the things to be gained are so worth the risk.

Live, Love, take risks and experience lots of Joy!

X Cherry