Cherry Lush performs Burlesque in Antarctica

Yes- I did!

I’ve always dreamed of going to Antarctica. It combines so many of my loves- the Environment, Animals, Scenery and it’s just so far away. The dream seemed unreal and hard to achieve… then one day my friend Wendy Sharpe told me of her being a guest on board an Antarctica trip that was raising money for the Mawson’s Hut Foundation and my mind started ticking…

9 months later I sent an enquiry to the agent arranging the trip and two days later I paid the deposit!

I was giddy with excitement and was telling all my friends, when Rita Fontaine wisely suggested I take a costume!

The trip is so hard to put into words. It was exciting, tedious at times, beautiful beyond description, emotion filled and simply out of this world!

We sailed to the interesting Stanley in the Falkland Islands/Malvinas

Then onto South Georgia where I cried upon landing surrounded by penguins and seals. Many different penguins

We sailed past Elephant Island where Shackleton’s crew waited for rescue.

Froze sailing into the Caldera of Deception Island

Then sailed along the Antarctica Peninsula landing on Bays and Islands.

We cruised amongst icebergs and spotted a leopard seal hunting a penguin.

It was magic. And one day when we landed on the Antarctic mainland I decided the time was right to do an impromptu Burlesque performance. It was snowing. Yes it was cold- but it felt amazing!!! Here is a slideshow of images from that as unfortunately the video I took failed in the cold.

Cherry Lush in Antarctica from Cherry Lush on Vimeo.



I also got to meet lots of interesting people- two weeks on a boat gives you time to talk. 🙂 Here is a great story by Jennifer Byrnes who was another of the special guests discussing the people on board

To end this I would like to encourage people to follow their dreams. Sometimes they are expensive and require sacrifices, but to me it was worth every dollar!


X Cherry



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