2012 It’s a wrap!

Every now and then I like to put on a nice dress, some makeup even and go out by myself. Usually I will get myself some dinner and sometimes go to a movie, or walk down King St in Newtown at night perusing book shops. It is great.

Last night I did that. I enjoyed a meal and the 1st cider I have had in months. And I thought about the year that has gone. The more I thought the more amazed I felt. I’ve done a lot in 2012 both personally and in performances.

Personally, I’ve travelled & I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve had my heart trammelled a bit and I have broken someone else’s heart…  I’ve made discoveries about what I will accept from others and how I expect to be treated (as well as thinking about how I should treat others) I’ve seen a dear friend recover from a serious accident. I’ve seen my friends have more babies and watched my Neice and Nephew grow taller, smarter and more amazing.  Most of all I’ve made the huge scary decision to leave a very safe public service job in 2013 by taking voluntary redundancy and pursue a new career. I am not 100% sure still what I will be doing but I am pretty sure I won’t be an Environmental Manager anymore! J

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. 
Eleanor Roosevelt 

As a performer, I started on New Years day throwing and squirting drunken  enthusiastic  music lovers  with “beer” whilst horribly sick with the flu at Field Day and ended it at Gallery Burlesque in Dec  by turning from Hagrid into a dragon whilst nursing nasty injuries from a bicycle accident only a few days earlier.  Luckily the bruises were easily disguised and the make do silver bandages covered the wounds.  The show must always go on!

In between some of the highlights include, my very first classic act at Miss Burlesque NSW, Anything Goes Cabaret at  Adelaide Fringe, Boom Boom Broads at Mardi Gras festival. Going to BHOF in Vegas, performing in San Francisco and Coney Island New York.  Meeting World Famous Bob, Dita Von Teese and meeting Dirty Martini again (and having an in-depth discussion of skirts not being able to handle our arses, and getting personal tips on tassel twirling!), and so many other incredible people!!!  Winning 2 Bustie awards at the 1st Australian Burlesque awards (and being nominated for 3 more!).  MCing for the first time at a fundraiser in Canberra. Not to mention performing at several Gallery Burlesque, and 34B nights (including GBs 4th Bday and the honour of performing at the very last 34B). Being painted by the amazing Wendy Sharpe and performing  at the opening of her Burlesque themed exhibition.  Letting out my inner Elvira over Halloween  at Night of the Living Dead and Cabaret Mystique, and having lots of fun with it and Judging at Kitten of the Year in Canberra (which is where Cherry first performed!)…

Whew…That’s not even everything!  All that a full-time job and lots of family and friends to see. It’s no wonder I get tired 🙂

So what is 2013 going to bring? I am never sure where I am going but I have a few ideas! I want to work on a few creative projects (sorry all secrets!), which I will have time for in the 2nd half of the year and will culminate in 2014. I will be studying at TAFE. More travel and some personal goals! Maybe a tour?  Of course performing at my favourite shows and some new shows I’ve heard whispers of.

 Life is like a bowl of Cherries my dears! There may be pips to spit out now and again but boy does it taste good.

2013 is going to be amazing, see you then!