Going to America!

Well as some of you may know I am heading the the USA for a couple of weeks! This Sat! I can’t believe it. Who wants to drive me to the airport ūüėČ

First stop I will be a few days in LA and will finish be seeing Strip Strip Hooray. It will be great to make up my own mind about the hype that is Dita.

Mostly I am looking forward to seeing my favourite performer Dirty Martini perform again! Eeeeee!

Then I am really excited to go to the Burlesque Hall of Fame, especially to see the legends perform! I have a feeling I will not be getting much sleep and will undoubtably punish my liver. Over 25 Aussies are going to BHOF AND¬†TWO will be performing, both Sydneysiders! Our own Queen of Burlesque Imogen¬†Kelly competing in the MISS EXOTIC WORLD 2012, REIGNING QUEEN OF BURLESQUE ¬†and Briana Bluebell in the¬†Movers, Shakers and Innovators. ¬†Las Vegas doesn’t know what is about to hit them!

After LA myself, Alyssa Kitt, The Diamond Dahlia and Bella De Jac will be heading to San Francisco. One of my favourite cities! I am looking forward to heading back to the Ghiradelli Square for some free chocolate samples- and stock up on one of my fav chocolates (and the only American Chocolate I like), eat some seafood chowder on the wharf, shopping and much much more.

AND i will be making my international debut at none other than San Francisco’s famous Hubba Hubba Revue! Monday the 4th June at Uptown Nightclub in Oakland. I hear it is a mini Aussie Invasion also featuring Alyssa Kitt, Bella de Jac and The Diamond Dahlia. I am not sure what San Fran has done to deserve such gorgeous ladies but they are in for a treat! Jim Sweeney you better prepare your crowd well ūüėČ

Then a couple of days later I at Red Hots Burlesque run by the lovely supportive gorgeous Dottie Lux. I received such a warm response when I first enquired about performing for her that I am excited just to meet her!

THEN I will be performing in none other than the Peel in NYC!!! Yes one of the shows I started at (I performed at the very first Peel) is on at Coney Island- Burlesque at the Beach. It is on the 7th June. My excitement levels are at near explosion point even typing all of this!

SO if you are anywhere near San Francisco or¬†Coney Island¬†you will have to get to one or all of these shows. Trust me. Book your flights etc NOW! ūüôā If you mention my blog I promise to give you a big hug ūüėÄ

Whew. So I promise to try to keep you up to date as the trip progresses. Well you can at least catch my drunken ramblings that are sure to be made on my FB fan page here: https://www.facebook.com/mscherrylush Better like me if you want to hear it all!

My last few days in Sydney are jam packed as well. Wed night I will be the door bitch with the mostest at The Peel – I love NY. So many lovely newcomers to the scene will be performing- and this is on of the places I started so you might just see the next Cherry Lush.¬†¬†Well who am I kidding there will never be another Cherry Lush… ūüėČ Oh by the way I hear The Peel has a new website that features lil ol me! http://thepeel.net.au/¬†Check it out.

Then on Friday night I will be performing at the one and only Pretty Peepers Cabaret.¬†¬†https://www.facebook.com/events/162752463851663/ As they say this is a untraditional cabaret so you never know what you are going to get. All I can promise is that I may make you wet. No not that way!!! Well maybe… ūüôā

Yes¬†a lot of !!!¬†are in this post- but if you can’t tell I’m a bit excited ūüėÄ

See you my lovelies! XOX