Upcoming Gigs April & May

I have been trying to write a post telling you all about the great time I had in Adelaide but it is still not finished yet! 😦

So just to keep you updated here are my upcoming gigs for April and May. Then at the end of May I head to the USA to the Burlesque Hall of Fame! Just as an audience member this time 🙂 I can’t wait, it is going to be a blast. Don’t worry I will tell you all about it. Well maybe not all- because as you know: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” 

Back to the shows: I have had a little rest and am ready to hit it! It is a very mixed bag and it starts tomorrow night Friday 13th April at one of my favourite shows 34B. Leave all your impressions of Friday the 13th behind as this show is going to be a bevy of, ah behinds! 😉

34B Sin City https://www.facebook.com/events/341161945920618/

Then on Sunday 15th April is another show that is rather special to me Ruby Revue. It was a few years ago now that I was dobbed in to sing at the end of one of the shows as they do every month. It was the first time I had been on a stage since high school. Once the spot light hit me and the crowd started cheering, I knew that being in that spotlight was where I wanted to be (I won that night of course). It is the last show at the Arthouse so come on down watch me and buy me a drink! 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/events/310695865667661/

Later this month I will be performing a brand new very dirty number at Moist at the Imperial Hotel. It is on Friday 25th April. If you want a clue about what the show is about watch this video 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2MHlmesdoA

On Monday the 21st May I will be modelling and performing at Dr Sketchy’s- Newtown. Now Dr Sketchy’s when I model is no serious event. Expect me to be naughty and talk back- I am never a silent model 🙂

Finally I will perform at another of my favourite shows! Pretty Peepers Cabaret at the Imperial Hotel on Friday May 25th. Another naughty show! Oh I think I sense a theme here? Am I a bit naughty??? 😉

Hope to see you at one or more of these!!!



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