Miss Burlesque NSW Heats!

So by this time tomorrow night we will know who is Miss Burlesque NSW! SO exciting 🙂

I thought you would all like to know why I entered? 

At last years Miss Burlesque NSW heats and the finals I had so many people (both those that I knew and those who had seen me perform) ask why I hadn’t entered!
To be honest I had never even thought about it. But those questioning me set a seed into my head that wouldn’t leave. 
I decided to enter to push myself to work my hardest at my performing career. To try performance styles I hadn’t tried before (Classic Burlesque) and to showcase my personal Burlesque Cabaret style. I am a cabaret singer as well as a burlesque performer and wanted to show the country what I can do. 🙂
In addition I felt the competition offered me the chance to perform infront of audiences who haven’t seen me before and to perform on a large stage. I know I can offer something unique that the competition hasn’t seen before!
I hope I can see all my fans and friends at it!

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