Just Drawn that Way

I am really sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. September was crazy busy and I have only just recovered from it.

A week off and some r&r visiting Floriade in Canberra has done me the world of good. I am all ready to get back on stage!

So with that in mind first show this month will be at “The Peel- Rocktober Edition”. I will be singing one of my favourite Rock Chick songs. Sorry to disappoint anyone but the bra will be staying on this time 😉


Later this month I am touring Melbourne & will be performing at some of my favourite venues!

My 3rd show with the marvellous Gotham Fatale team is “Just Drawn This Way”. It is on as part of the Armageddon

Am very excited to reprise one of my favourite numbers: The Borg Queen

Cherry Lush is like a fleshy stone fruit with a styl­ish and seduct­ive fla­vour. The Cherry Lush tree can be found grow­ing in the secluded corners of nightclubs and bars around Sydney. Cherry is a burlesque and cabaret performer who has been flaunting her work at Pretty Peepers Cabaret, Anything Goes Cabaret and 34B, just to name a few and in June performed in Melbourne at the Australian Burlesque Festival. Just one taste of her blood red fruit will have you beg­ging for more. Beware: she will entice you with her ripely fem­in­ine form, and serpentine curves yet leave you forever want­ing just one more bite…

Cherry was recently assimilated by the Borg due to her superior physical form and on the night will be coming to Red Bennies to assimilate you. Don’t worry, as once you see her you really won’t mind…

Melbourne is in for a triple helping of Cherry Lushness as I am also performing 2 numbers at the Burlesque Bar on the 23rd Oct. Hope to see all my Melbourne friends and fans at one of these shows!


One response to “Just Drawn that Way

  1. Okay, this is weird… I was Google image-searching for Just Drawn That Way (sadly no-one took pics of me from Red Bennies), and I came upon your floriade photo. The thing is it reminds me remarkably of a place I visited in a dream two nights ago, and from the same angle too. Except mine was a field covered in flowers, then an old European adventure funpark place to the right where the ferris wheel is in your photo.

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