Introducing Cherry

I wanted my first blog to be something special, profound, insightful!
I set aside some time on Sunday afternoon to think and write something… but I woke up from a long sleep in and opened the curtains to a beautiful sunny day. The markets, fresh muffins (sold out!) and chocolate slice (was yummy!) called out to me. Procrastination hit me, an ongoing theme in my life. So instead I will write a little introduction.

Who is Cherry Lush?

Well for those who don’t have the pleasure of knowing me, I am a Burlesque Performer, Cabaret Singer and sometimes Pin-up model based in Sydney Australia. I have only been performing for 16months but it is something I love!

By day I work in Environmental Management and am often found out on a work site telling big old men what to do! I am not always successful but a bit of red lippy goes a long way!

I was born and live in Sydney Australia. It is truly my home and although it has flaws, from my travels I know of few other places I would want to live. I live with my Cat Cleo, who right now is trying to get my attention by getting in the way of my computer. You will read more about her in time.

Why am I blogging?

Well, I like to talk. I think all the time and I have lots to say. Despite being a big talker, I often can’t express myself effectively. MASSIVE case of foot in mouth disease.
This is a medium for me to talk about things that are on my mind which I can attempt to make sense!

I am not a professional writer. My blogs will be full of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and the like.

There are other things that will emerge from in time… Not telling right now!

What will I blog about?

My performances, my life, my cat, things I like.

I am a curvy plus size woman, so I will be writing a lot about body confidence, self-esteem, clothes that flatter, the politics of the “plus size” movement and more.

If you have a suggestion for something you would like me to blog about contact me on the form below.

I would love to hear from you and would encourage comments. Please note that I will delete anything offensive or trollish.
Welcome! I can’t wait to hear from you, and if you see me at a show please come up and say hi! I don’t bite, unless you are really good-looking…


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